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since 1985

The company was founded in 1985. Initially, it was involved in the production of wooden accessories. As the company developed, the company’s offer was expanded to include the production of custom-made furniture.

These were furniture for apartments, offices, kindergartens, schools, pharmacies, banks, cultural facilities – theaters, philharmonics, etc.

The company’s significant development took place during the period of cooperation with the ATC design office from Szczecin. During this time, the company implements many interesting individual projects made in this office.

A large part of these projects were bold design ideas of this office. In the following period, the offer is expanded to include classic woodwork elements. At that time, in addition to furniture, the company produces doors, stairs, wooden wall cladding, etc.

At the same time, the machinery park is being modernized all the time, apart from classic woodworking machines, CNC machining centers, a veneer press and other machines for veneer processing (saw, guillotine and veneer splicing machine) appear. During this number of years, the company has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of furniture production and classic carpentry.

However, the most important element is the crew. The company needed a lot of time to attract and educate the right employees. Currently, the company employs experienced carpenters, painters, numerically controlled machine operators, etc. The people who make up the company’s staff, apart from being very good employees and professionals, also have remarkable personalities and represent a high level of personal culture.

Thanks to these features, the atmosphere in the company is suitable for the implementation of difficult and demanding projects. Our knowledge, experience and skills were used by other companies related to the carpentry and furniture industry. We are currently working with many companies from Poland and Europe. Our products are delivered to Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia.

We use modern technologies as well as classic carpentry methods, chiselling, turning, finger joints, etc. We cooperate with many Polish and foreign furniture designers. We implement the most difficult projects, each new project is a new challenge for us.

Nothing is impossible for us in the field of furniture joinery and more. We are pleased with new implementations of interesting original projects, especially if they refer to the history of furniture development and the history of design. We have great sympathy for the period of modernism and postmodernism in the Scandinavian furniture industry.

After being delighted with this design, we start to rediscover our native design. Polish furniture design from the 1950s and 1980s has reached a very high level and many extremely interesting projects have been created that have not always entered production, it seems that now is the time to give a second (and in fact sometimes the first) life to these brilliant projects. We especially like the work and the whole approach to the work and art of Mrs. Teresa Kruszewska. Among the whole galaxy of artists from this period, I would like to mention Maria Chomentowska, Roman Modzelewski, Rajmund Teofil Halas, Bogusławe and Czesław Kowalski, Józef Chierowski, Jan Kurzątkowski, and Hanna Lachert, these are only some of the artists, because there were many more of them. Maybe we will be able to reactivate at least some of these projects and introduce them to Polish homes and more …

I invite you to cooperation

Dzitkowski Zbigniew

We cooperate in the implementation of original furniture famous designer Jacek Kolasiński



We provide our services with modern machinery, including:

– through-feed hydraulic press with shelf dimensions of 300cmx130cm
(this is the maximum format for veneering on this press) – hot gluing.
– veneer guillotine
– veneer saw
– veneer splicing machine
we cover with natural veneers and modified HPL laminates, melamine etc. we stick plywood, we glue wood, plywood, mdf into blocks 30 cm thick


We have 3 CNC machining centers.

The working area of ​​CNC machines is from X-3100cm x Y- 1500cm x Z-30cm.

We process wood, mdf, plywood, non-ferrous metals and plastics.

We mill the entire door, e.g. after veneering, veneered or not plywood or MDF board.

We also make prototype elements, molds, etc.


Varnishing, staining, waxing, etc., structuring the wood (aging)

High gloss and full range of RAL and NCS.

Two painting stations, high surface quality.


Production of furniture elements, components, legs, side panels, frames, frames, etc. table tops in various techniques, ready-finished or raw.


Making bent elements by laminating wood, so-called bent plywood, also bent MDF

carpentry workshop


+48 509 391 940

ul. Chopina 12 , 72-310 Płoty , Poland

Opening hours:
Pon. – Pt.
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